TTR Steering Group Officers 2013/14


Ahead of the next Month’s AGM, TTR are inviting volunteers for the 4 Steering Group (SG) positions: Co-ordinator, Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Officer.

That’s partly because it’s written into the TTR constitution that officer positions are for one year (after which all the positions are up for re-election), but it’s also because 3 of the existing officers have already said that they would like to “pass the torch” on to the next generation.

The SG officer roles are key to TTR, and while none of them are particularly onerous, they do take a certain amount of time and energy which Chin (Secretary), Ornella (Treasurer) and myself (Communications Officer) have all said we would now like to direct towards other practical projects.

If you’re interested in helping support TTR and our work, and you have some time and energy to volunteer, the SG positions are a great way to get a good understanding of the group as a whole and how our projects run. I think they can be a great way for interested people to realise the transition that they want to see Reading make, and a springboard to make that change a reality.

Job descriptions for the SG officer roles can be found in Appendix of the constitution, i.e. page 5 here.

Applications / nominations should be directed to “”. The deadline for this is the 6th of May.

You are welcome to apply yourself, or nominate someone else (with their permission) and you don’t need to be a member to do so.