Monday evening meeting: Postponed


We’re sorry to say that for range of reasons, no steering group members are able to attend the meeting on Monday 17 March. Therefore it will be postponed.

Instead we will hold it on Monday 24 March at Great Expectations pub on London Street.
This meeting will be a chance to review / find out about current projects (Orchard Planting, Repair Cafe, Draught Proofing) and potential new projects. There has been some discussion recently about the following project ideas that would be great to discuss in more detail and see if there are people willing to get involved and make them happen:

  • Reading Local Economy Conference
  • Incredible Edible-type project for Reading (
  • Raspberry Pi Jam (workshop to learn / use Raspberry Pis)

This list isn’t exhaustive, and if you have thoughts or ideas about projects you would like to get off the ground with the support of Transition. Why not join us next week!

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